Index of values

expat_version [Expat]
Return the Expat library version as a string (e.g.
external_entity_parser_create [Expat]
Create a new XML_Parser object for parsing an external general entity.

final [Expat]
Inform the parser that the entire document has been parsed.

get_base [Expat]
Get the base for resolving relative URIs.
get_current_byte_count [Expat]
get_current_byte_index [Expat]
get_current_column_number [Expat]
get_current_line_number [Expat]

parse [Expat]
Let the parser parse a chunk of an XML document.
parse_sub [Expat]
Let the parser parse a chunk of an XML document in a substring
parser_create [Expat]
Create a new XML parser.
parser_create_ns [Expat]
Create a new XML parser that has namespace processing in effect

reset_character_data_handler [Expat]
reset_comment_handler [Expat]
reset_default_handler [Expat]
reset_end_cdata_handler [Expat]
reset_end_element_handler [Expat]
reset_external_entity_ref_handler [Expat]
reset_processing_instruction_handler [Expat]
reset_start_cdata_handler [Expat]
reset_start_element_handler [Expat]

set_base [Expat]
Set the base to be used for resolving relative URIs in system identifiers.
set_character_data_handler [Expat]
set_comment_handler [Expat]
set_default_handler [Expat]
set_end_cdata_handler [Expat]
set_end_element_handler [Expat]
set_external_entity_ref_handler [Expat]
set_param_entity_parsing [Expat]
Enable the parsing of parameter entities
set_processing_instruction_handler [Expat]
set_start_cdata_handler [Expat]
set_start_element_handler [Expat]

xml_error_to_string [Expat]
Converts a xml_error to a string