Module Libevent

module Libevent: sig .. end
The Ocaml Event library provides an interface to the event API.

The event API provides a mechanism to execute a function when a specific event on a file descriptor occurs or after a given time has passed.

This library is a wrapper of the libevent API made by Nils Provos. For more information about this library see:

Currently, libevent supports kqueue(2), select(2), poll(2) and epoll(4). Support for /dev/poll is planned.
Author(s): Maas-Maarten Zeeman

type event 
The type of events

type event_flags =
| TIMEOUT (*A timeout occurred.*)
| READ (*A read is possible.*)
| WRITE (*A write operation is possible.*)
| SIGNAL (*A signal occurred.*)
The possible event types
type event_callback = Unix.file_descr -> event_flags -> unit 
The type of event callbacks

Basic Libevent Operations

val create : unit -> event
Create a new empty event
val fd : event -> Unix.file_descr
fd event returns the file descriptor associated with the event
val signal : event -> int
signal event returns the signal associated with the event
val set : event ->
Unix.file_descr ->
event_flags list -> persist:bool -> event_callback -> unit
set event fd type persist callback initializes the event. The flag persist makes an event persitent until Libevent.del is called.
val set_signal : event ->
signal:int -> persist:bool -> event_callback -> unit
set_signal event signal persist callback initializes the event. The flag persist makes an event persistent unit Libevent.del is called.
val add : event -> float option -> unit
add event timeout adds the event and schedules the execution of the function specified with Libevent.set, or in at least the time specified in the timeout. If timeout is None, no timeout occures, and the function will only be called if a matching event occurs on the file descriptor.
val del : event -> unit
Del the event
val pending : event -> event_flags list -> bool

Process Events

val dispatch : unit -> unit
In order to process events, an application needs to call dispatch. This * function only returns on error, and should replace the event core of the * application

type loop_flags =
val loop : loop_flags -> unit
Provides an interface for single pass execution of pending events